The Crimson Emperor


What can I say, the next two weeks seemed pretty tame and slow in comparison to the last few monthes. The Scientist and his daughter had gotten back to France and she explained she had been taking driving lessons possibly looking into becoming a racecar driver. I was kind of happy but sad I wasn’t her father. Her father had been inspired to start work on defensive weapons to counteract any weapon know of that was too inhumane to use in war, whatever that meant.

Constantine had taken some time off to contemplate his life with his chruch monk friends, they make pretty good wine I found out when I went to visit him. Bill’s Boss retired saying he was getting too old for this kind of thing. Bill stepped into the job and hated every minute of being behind a desk but was the cornerstone to a lot of agents putting away a lot of bad men. I didn’t actually get to be president since the real president elect swore in himself with the crisis averted and stepped down due to health reasons.

Some yahoo vice president took the opening so what was I to do. What kind of name is Herbert Hoover? You know what I did? I did run for Mayor of New York City that’s what. I got a meeting in a bit with some mob bos- I mean local entruepenuers about some changes to some laws that might make them a little more legal if they changed their ways a bit. I can be kinda persuasive if I want to be… I don’t mean with words. I prefer a closed fist and a bottle of scotch. They can pick the stick or the carrot, I still get the same result in the end. What I want.


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