The Crimson Emperor

Order 13: Deal with the Red Devil

Session from 11 July 2012

Standing around and pacing in my cell probably has you wondering. Tony if you just unlocked your cell and everyone is free why don’t you try the door and get out of the prison. Rewind five hours and delete my evil twin. That room is next door and yes I busted out of it. I guess I should explain. Especially the whole evil twin.

Without a way to open the door we were kind of stuck between a prison cell and a hard place. We agreed if they came back in the morning to feed us or for Lianna’s father to visit. I spent the time filing down some lime from the wall just in case I needed a pocket full of blinding someone. When two guards come in I whispered to Bill we should start a fight to distract them. Bill agrees and lunged but his wounds and telegraphed punch had me dodgeing the blow and grabbing him by the shoulders and spinning the two of us around to distract the card with our scouffle. Egg Chu yelled at the guards in chinese and they stumbled about seemingly shaken up. Bill jumped on the door swinging it open to knock one guard out. Diana rushed the other guard but ended up seeing him sidestep sending her out the door. Constantine rushed up out of his stooper of lack of oxygen from hypoxia and tried to rattle the guys cage but he was still standing when the young girl, Liana delivered what looked like a decent kick to the shin. He growled and rubbed his leg and was still standing. He never saw me jump towards him and punch his lights out before he was looking at the ceiling and out for the count.

We heard yells from down the hall and Egg Chu said the guards down the hall were asking what was going on and he told them it was okay in their language in a deeper voice and ran up putting on the clothes of one of the guards. Diana took a pistol and I pulled the sub machine gun lifting the guard. Tsang pulled the other pistol as Egg ripped clothes off to change. Bill grumbled on wanting the other sub machine gun when Constantine picked it up and he ended up just handing it to him. Considering the state he was in Bill probably should have let Constantine have it. Bill rushed out of the room and tried to stealthy peek around the corner. Unforuntately he tripped and flew out into the corridor and swore before scrambling back behind the wall. I carried one of the unconscious guards out and waved his arm as if everything was okay. Bill let me know then that he thought they had spotted them just before an alarm sounded and the door to our cell shut. I look at him and he just kind of smiled and chuckled nervously since it was just the three of us, one being the unconscious guard.

Diana banged on the door yelling out there was gas coming in as Bill looked out down the hall and picked off one of the guards. I tossed my unconscious guard across the hall and waited. Nothing. I dove across and took up a kneeling position with the body sprawled out in the hall against the wall like a stack of sandbags in front of me. Bill opened the sliding window into the prison cells for air for the gassed friends and rushed down the hallway. The other guard popped out and Tony took him out. Bill got the door open and everyone rushed out, I got to the closer guard and was about to toss Diana a long rifle when the door opened and someone started shooting into the room. More guards. The sparks off the wall from gunfire had Bill slumping to the ground. As the door slammed shut Constantine ran to Bill and helped him up as I tossed Diana a sub machine and rushed the door gas came into the hallway and soon we all blacked out.

I woke up in another prison cell and I checked myself over, I had been stripped of everything from my flasks and guns to my makeshift shiv. This cell was more reinforced than the last plus the occasional view window on the door sliding open and hut after someone looked at us and around let me know we were really being watched. Constantine wasn’t there when I came to and I asked where he was, he was soon brought back though and I was taken. That Russian doctor was there when they pulled the hood off my head, they did that when we left or went to the prison cells it seemed. Another guy looking like me said something like I would say, he wanted a drink. I called him a cheap knockoff and tried to kick the closest guard but I did nothing more than patting him with my foot on the side. They brought me back and than came back again to take me somewhere else.
This time I was put in a chair and guess who was there. My clone, plus the Crimson Emperor. He explained it’d be better if I just cooperated. I said I’d think about it except the other Tony didn’t seem like a good copy he seemed kinda of… my voice trailed off at that point I lunged at my clone but being still tied in the hair I did little more that tumble the chair over onto it’s side and roll around until I was on my back. I snarled and growled a bit trying to get free. When it seemed hopeless I sighed and addressed the people around me for help. I asked to be put upright or they could stair at my backside in feet. I would be there all day. I asked for a drink and the Crimson Emporer tried to tempt me, I told him the basics and got a drink out of it. You know for an evil mastermid set on world domination he was okay I guess, I mean I go a drink out of him. He didn’t even seem to take offense to being called ‘Big Red’. It was information he already had they had taken our passports and wallets. I even told him the bars to frequent that would get the new Tony swinging fists with several rough types and possibly killed. I game some stuff that sounded useable and was taken back. Constantine was taken again and when he got back supposedly they worked him over pretty well since he wouldn’t talk. Old Big Red finally just stood up, walked over, and put a finger to his head. He said it felt like he forcefully got into Constantine’s head and found out what he wanted. With a few shakes Constantine put the experience aside and for some odd reason he looked like he was doing a lot better. Bill had been taken and I could only tell what was going on there. The same happened to Robert but with him out of it I don’t know how much they got out of him that was useful.

Everyone seemed a bit on edge as I paced. I had come up with a plan and it was simple. Get out, swop places with our twins, possibly put them in here if we could. Get the scientist stop the crimson mist from being used, kill the Crimson Emperor, and possibly blow up his castle. I might have made a deal with the Red Devil but he wasn’t the only one that should be looking out.

So if you’ve ever been to the zoo and seen a new exhibit of a lion or tiger you’d know what I looked like. I wasn’t drunk and I was pretty pissed. Some crazy guy was going to be trying to be me, drinking my scotch, looking through my closet and smelling my dead wife’s clothes possibly. Oh yeah I was on edge and I was willing to do qutie a bit to scratch that itch.

Rewarded: Xp 3


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