The Crimson Emperor

Order 14: A Jever Beer and a Airplane ticket to Freedom

Session from 18 July 2012

As the brisk icy air hit me it stung my teeth and lungs. The sun seemed too bright since I hadn’t seen sunlight for a month probably. It felt good though, we were out of the prison cells but we were now on the runway with only a few minutes before our ride off the god forsaken frozen fortress would be gone and we had several guards running towards us. Bill was still chuckling. I had made a deal with another devil for our freedom with the promise of handing over the Marcels, I was going to be getting some premium German beer though and a ticket off this rock. Too bad I’d have to probably have to come up short on my end of the bargain. I couldn’t do that to the Doc and his daughter… I might try and still get that keg and a ride home though.

About two days later after our recapture, cloning and job offer from the Red Idiot Constantine was still woozy from the operation. Kept muttering about mystical mumbo jumbo stuff and could barely stand. Egg Chu explained he might have a fever or something after the cloning process, it wasn’t really all that safe. Our first visitor that wasn’t a guard was Dr. Marcel. He rushed in and clung to his daughter through the cage to which the guards broke up before leaving. Left to our own designs the father and daughter caught up.

He thanked us for keeping his daughter safe but also wished we had escaped, since she was the primary reason he was still working on the weapon for the Emperor. I asked under my breath if he was still up for the idea if the chance arose again to which he agreed. The thought of getting his daughter out plus freedom made the Frenchman a little more open with what was going on.

The Mirror Machine, as he referred to it was what was being used to copy out faces onto other people. The originals were still alive since the process was only temporary, a electric shock or skin irritant would change someone back to their original form. The Crimson Mist was what had been tested on that small village we had gone to and what had killed them. The Mist fizzled too quickly and using it in a bomb like the Emperor wanted would burn up most of the stuff. He wanted something more deadly and Marcel had been inching along testing other methods otherwise he would long have been dead probably.

I mentioned getting some medical care for us would be greatly appreciated plus we’d be no good in a jail break if we were dead men walking already. In a few more days we were all back up to fighting fit when someone else visited us. A German ambassador with predatory eyes looked us over. I greeted him since everyone was quite as Heir Colonel Kraut which he remarked was quite offensive to someone who had thoughts of freeing us. That got everyone’s attention.

He had heard about our little escape attempt since it had the emperor flying out of a casual evening drinking and discussing world economy and international trade with sheer rage. He got right to the point, he thought Dr. Marcel was being underutilized and if we were willing to deliver said Doctor to his plane that was leaving in the next hour he would see to it we got out of China. I looked at everyone else and agreed if he threw in a pony keg of good German Beer, making a deal with any devil and having a chance to slip out is better any day to sitting in a cell to rot. He laughed a bit which was surprising and mentioned maybe he’d see about finding a keg of Jever if I wanted to taste good German beer. With a nod he adjusted his spectacle and went out to say something to the guard.

The quiet pop and drop of a body followed to by rapid footsteps and another pop and crumpling of a body were heard before he came back in rubbing the gunpowder burn from his silencer as he tossed be keys. He mentioned the guards would be bringing Heir Marcel in twenty minutes to see his daughter, he gave us the suggestion to use that opportunity. With the clip of his heels together he spun and was gone, his heavy heels marched hurriedly with purpose to his plane.

I whistled as I unlocked my cell and told Bill to grab the body closest and strip it. He looked at me funny and I pointed at Tsang and Egg saying I’d stand out, them not as much. I unlocked the other cells and I searched the rest of the area as the two guards were put in Egg and Tsang’s cells to ‘sleep’, we found our gear and waited. Egg let the escort for Marcel in we could tell by the amount of boots marching his towards us. He held our breathe until the prison door outside opened. A helmet flew inside after some bobbling and Tsang cursed looking towards the group of guards and we heard rounds being chambered.

We heard Egg roar something in Chinese and some of the soldiers sounds like they had been choked. We dispatched most of the guards the last running by Egg. He took a swing at him sending him stumbling and put a bullet in his back before he could hit the alarm. I looked at the biggest guard and swiped his jacket, if we were heading outside formal business wear wasn’t going to cut it. We loaded up the rest of us with guns and I asked Egg why it smelled like something rotten and what had made the guards choke. He waved his hand behind him smiling and muttered something about Chinese herbs. With Dr Marcel out of the stumbling stupor he was in we went to the door and I looked out, I mentioned more guards were coming and I raced out the door and down the hall, Diana closed the door behind me as I moved down and I slide around a corner and flopped onto the ground as if I was unconscious.

As they yelled something in Chinese and I heard rounds chambered I kind of figured they saw me but they weren’t coming to help. The door opened and they got cut down by the rest of the group as I took pot shots at their legs and feet from the other direction. We piled into the elevator and Bill said we had to go down nine levels. I mentioned six and he asked why and I pointed at the elevator indicators, we could only go down six floors. With everyone in I closed the doors and manned the controls.
The next floor down the first thing we saw were two guards and bullets flying at us. Sending a barrage of bullets back had them down before we cleared the floor, with something similar happening two more floors down. The fourth one down didn’t have anyone, until two guys came from behind the corner and sprayed hot lead into the elevator. We killed them as well but they were behind cover and it took a lot longer.

At the bottom floor Bill raced out and skidded hopping back behind the corner before bullets fired down the hallway he had ran into and back out of. We dropped four more guys and looked around. Diana had been wounded and Constantine looked over her arm saying it was just a graze and it seemed to make her feel better. Opening the doorway I slide against the far wall. Three more guards were sprinting towards us. We took turns sending lead down the hall when Bill said he was out. Diana huffed ejecting her clip and slide down the hallway out of the sight of the enemy shooters and grabbed more ammo.

With the last guard dead we rushed down the hallway and I opened the door. Cold hit me as the arctic winds leaped into the tunnel we had run down to get outside for the first time in almost a month. A plane with a Nazi symbol on its tail end was on the taxi way on run about with German soldier and Crimson Guards shooting at each other. Bill exclaimed and laughed as he ran to a vehicle and jumped behind a heavy machine gun. I remarked he must be feeling better since he was smiling. Diana piled in the driver’s seat of one vehicle while I asked Marcel if he could drive, he nodded and I pointed since Crimson soldiers were coming our way now too. Constantine and Lianna were with me and the Doc. Egg and Tsang were in the back of the jeep with Bill who was now laughing devilishly seeing targets. At times I’m kind of glad Bill’s one of the good guys, or at least one of the guys not shooting at me.

Awarded 2XP


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