The Crimson Emperor

Order 15: So Long and Thanks for the Plane with NO BEER!

One thing about someone who’s shady and will kill without a hint of hesitation, they can’t be trusted. It’s not if, it’s when they double cross you that you got to stay on your toes for. Staring down the barrel of an automatic isn’t the best of places to be and still think you have the upper hand. But that German ambassador didn’t see it coming when he found himself rolling on the ground with the rest of the crimson soldiers around him with a lot of explaining to do before they probably killed him.

We raced towards the plane shooting Crimson soldiers along the way from the two jeeps. In a swirving vehicle I did the best I could to drop them on the way there. Bill opened up on the enemy with the heavy weapon and took them down in groups as they ran towards us stopping to aim and shoot which usually lined up a good shot for Bill. Lianna drove like a mad woman scaring the other people in the jeep as well as the other jeep as shots were traded off. It didn’t seem like she was a good driver but it helped I guess. Constantine yelled for her to go towards the guys on the left which meant she cut in front of the other jeep as we shot them as we went by, she brought a few with us since she ran them over.

The jeep skidded to a stop under the wing of the plane as it was turning and I had to take a second to be on solid ground again before rushing the door of the plane with Constantine and our reckless driver plus her Father behind us. I got in an argument with Colonel Sourkrautface since he told the pilot to take off as soon as the Professor was on the plane. I told them to wait and pulled a gun on him when he told the pilot to go. He pulled a pistol and his second pulled an automatic. I just laughed at them.

I learned later Diana had gotten shot which wasn’t good since she was the driver. Egg had jumped into her lap and tried to stir but ended up not wrecking, just slamming into the other jeep which hit the plane so he could stop since he couldn’t reach the brakes around Diana’s unconscious body. Bill took the opportunity once he could see straight to make Swiss cheese of the enemy.

With the distraction I jumped on the German ambassador’s assistant with the automatic as Constantine got into a shoot out with the Ambassador. When Constantine shot the gun out of his hand though he told his second to shot us all but save the scientist. Before he could turn he felt a hand clasp his shoulder. I reminded him there was no beer on the plane and he felt himself being picked up and tossed off the plane.

Sneaking up on the pilots wasn’t that hard with all the bullets still flying, knocking one of the pilots out and waving to the other to take off as more jeeps and crimson soldiers flood out onto the tarmac was the easiest part of the day.


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