The Crimson Emperor

Order 17: Back in the USA and got kidnapped?

Session from 12 Sep 2012

Long Summary:
Being back in the States was good for the group since it was home, Egg was interested in America since it was his first time. Robert had some family things he had to take care of and Egg offered to come along and we parted ways. Obviously I explained I wanted a drink and going to my old wateringhole was the first choice. Bill actually agreed since he thought he could soften the blow of his superiors and what they’ll do to him. I saw a car outside the bar I didn’t know and started to sneak up on it, even being gone for a while certain things just didn’t come in this neighborhood. When it took off I threw a brick at the back window taking it out. It felt good to be home causing trouble as opposed to half way aorund the world on a snow covered mountain.

Mic basically let me know I had been running around causing a whole bunch of odd occurences. Fake tony, had been running around. Fake Tony had been in MY house, sleeping in MY bed. Fake Tony was going to be Dead Tony real soon. I put down my drink and told the rest we needed to leave. Bill explained we could at least finish our drinks but the fact he was out of his chair by the collar first as I dragged him outside meant we were going to my house first.

I didn’t expect two cars to swerve up on the sidewalk and guys with machine guns to get out. I told them they needed to move as I walked towards them. One of them aimed to the side of me at Constantine and I moved in front of the gun as a burst went off. He was a little nervous when I kept coming and his gun was against my chest. When I roared out for him to move as blood trickled out my wound more guys got out with guns.

I looked back and several guys had guns on Constantine, and Bill. Bill let me know finishing his drink sounded way better now then before. I put up my hands and wiped the blood on my shoulder before headbutting him and getting shoved into a car by some other goons. The three of us ended up at a rundown flop house with the windows boarded up. We saw a few gangsters we had seen before plus a very sickly senator.

We brainstormed an escape plan, to motivate the rest of the group to come up with something smart that would work I let them know I was go to be losing it in the next five minutes. When I lost it the group took out the guards. The guards in the hallway got taken out as well but the sounds from downstairs of several feet pounding up stairs let us know we weren’t done yet.


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