The Crimson Emperor

Order 19: Shootout at the McDuffy Farm

With the help of President Elect Tony Bill doesn’t catch as much flack at work since he was on a special assignment for me personally. There’s a threat to national security possibly and we needed backup, guns, and a ride out to McDuffy’s Farm. Unfortunately we were still on China’s time so it was well past 2am when we got to Bill’s office and the graveyard shift didn’t know what to do. Getting the head of office, Bill’s boss there was easy enough. Bill calling him at home telling him there was coffee, the president elect at the office, and that they needed to talk got a few curses but he was still there in under thirty minutes. We got new agents guns and three cars to ride out there in.

Sneaking there went great until we got pinned down and started shooting at the crimson guys. That’s when I saw Fake Tony through some cracks in the barn wall. The large barrels of something with a skull on the side and sprayers got me thinking about that Red Mist they had the scientist cook up for them. I started firing into the side of the barn in the middle of the shoot out and jammed my gun barrel through a hole shooting up several people inside and the truck. Eventually it came barreling out. I took out the tires before walking out, the agent with me pulling me back as bullets from the second floor of the house came down where I was standing. I yell out for everyone to concentrate fire on those windows as I walked out towards the still moving truck with the gas in it. I kept shooting till it careened and tipped over… then I kept shooting till it caught fire and blew up, Constantine and Bill dove out on fire and fell over… kinda hoping they were fakes. We offed the rest of the shooters and called in the calvary. We asked them to bring a few thermos full of coffee. They did, plus donuts.

The agent who had been next to me told the rest of the rookies about how reckless and wild I had been but I was a really good shot. I winked at Bill and went over and thanked them explained I was doing what any president should do, fight and protect this great nation. As I came back smirking Bill admitted although short I might have just made those rookies want to stay in for the next thirty years. I shrugged since we had bigger things to worry about. Like me swearing into office.


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