The Crimson Emperor

Order 20: Last Call

Explaining to Bill’s Boss I wasn’t the president and about the mirror machine was pretty hard until I waded up some napkins put it in the mouth of Bill’s Boss and before Bill could stop me I slugged him right in the chin knocking him off his feet with an uppercut. I explained the senator wasn’t a boxer or a scraper but Bill was more concerned with stopping his Boss who was trying to swing a chair at me.

The arguements continued but it boiled down to me going to the swearing in, word was the President Elect was on his way there which meant the Crimson Emperor’s fake was already on the move or the gas we found out that was going to be used on a part of New York City hadn’t gone off meant they were going ahead with their plan faster since someone was on to them. Getting the drop on the other face with a mixture of black and cayenne pepper wrapped in coffee filters wasn’t as heroic as one would think.

Getting shot by the secret service, well that just pissed me off. Fortunately the fake got shot too since his face started to turn from the pepper in his eyes and lead in his side. The Fake’s campaign manager swore and started moving towards the back of the crowd. We figured out it was the real Crimson Emperor, who fights like a girl by the way stood upright when I started to talk smack about him. Eventually he just bolted when we started to chase him and he turned invisible and took off. I tried to throw chairs at open areas most of them just flew into the crowd. We didn’t let him take over America but that didn’t mean we had won. The crusty old bastard could probably just wait until we died and try again.


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