The Crimson Emperor

Order 9: Shots

Session 9 on June 6th, 2012

Being stone cold sober in a situation where you just heard someone shooting at you possibly is something most people would think is a good thing. Makes your reactions sharper, you think to look for cover, and you try and figure out where the shots are coming from. I wasn’t one of those people, I needed another drink. Granted if you were taken prisoner, asked to assist in an investigation, at gunpoint, by a platoon of Communist Chinese soldiers to assist them in the search around a small village, which happens to be all dead, to figure out why they all died and if the British government had any part in it you might think differently. Oh I forgot to mention I’m in the middle of nowhere and it’s as cold as all get up since you’re smack dab in the middle of some Tibetan mountains range. Plus you just found out that the abominable snowman is REAL and may have stopped by the village you’re in for a snack or just to kill all the villagers. Add in the discovery the people in the village possibly died from a plague caused by the river you’ve been drinking out of or the food you’ve been eating… It might be something else possibly since we found a drawing by one of the dead villagers showing otherwise. A dragon. The picture was of the town, the river and a dragon breathing fire over the village… which might be a reference to this Red Emperor guy we’re looking for and considering the guy was dying he did a hell of a lot better than I would at drawing it even if I’m not dead yet. Its just been weird the last two days but I’m rambling which you can probably tell this is one of those times a long pull of scotch is in order. I keep getting shots but not the kind I want!

As I look around for cover I guess I could recap how I went from jumping out of a crashing plane to being shot at in the middle of a frozen village of dead Chinese people. I got nothing better to do besides saving my own bacon.

After the crash landing I checked my things, we all grouped together and looked around, Constantine was not close by. Robert had seen a building close to us, by close he meant if we walked until dark we might make it there. Not knowing where Constantine was we just hoped he’d be heading the same way we were, to a warm shelter. Worst case scenario he up and got pushed by the winds down a ravine someplace. We had to get ourselves in order first before we could attempt a rescue mission. As we got together to see if everyone was okay we heard the plane crashed into the lake I had aimed at and a few minutes later with a horrific screech of ice and metal it crashed into the frozen lake probably sinking to the bottom. Guess it’s a good thing we jumped. I said a silent prayer for the pilot and co pilot before asking if everyone was okay. As soon as everyone seemed okay for the most part I grabbed Sheldon Gray by the jacket collar and asked if he’d like to explain why he looked so nervous on the plane and why people were shooting at us. He really didn’t know why we were shot at plus he looked worse now than he did on the plane.

Fever, possibly was making him look like he was slowly dieing, he knew not from where he had contracted it. His last excursion, Calcutta, someplace else we had no idea. We planned to settle up later but we needed to find shelter. I let go of the guy and we made our way towards the building. Diana and Shin weren’t doing so well with the cold but we eventually got to the building. A temple, funny looking but I’m not much of a church going type so I can’t really say much. As I start up the stairs of the hill something burst out of a snow bank putting everyone on edge. Constantine wiped snow of his face and waved at us as he waded out of his pile of snow. He muttered it was ‘bout time we got there’ as I started up to check on the doors. I was about to climb the large door when it opened. I called for Robert since I didn’t really want to get the only door to possible shelter in the area to get slammed in my face.

Robert explained partially about our plane and that we were in a bit of a bind with Gray in his condition and no real clue where we needed to go. The monks seemed saddened by the death of our pilot and copilot, us too since it almost got us killed. We found out monks don’t take too kindly to people walking around with rifles and what not so we had to let them keep them in storage. Gray wasn’t even standing now and we were all cold and hungry. We agreed. We got to talk to a lama which I guess is Chinese for head monk guy. Everyone had really big yellow hats, they’d probably gawk at you for wearing something like that around in New York City but it did look kinda cool. We found out from the Lama that there was an air field close by so we figured who ever shot at us was probably going back there so it’d be a place to investigate, also there was a plateau a ways from there.

Supposedly the plateau was no man’s land the plateau fabled to be where the crimson emperor escaped to when China rebelled against him. It was supposedly a barren wasteland up there. Sounded like a good place to hide an evil villain’s hideout to me. We made the decision to check out the air field and plateau at first light in the morning. After a bit of conversation about the area we were wondering if we should really leave Gray behind. No one wanted to leave him behind, but my suggestion of taking him and him dying during the journey was an outcome no one wanted. Fortunately since we couldn’t make a decision someone else did for us. As we discussed I shot up and went to the window and pointed. A small splotch of red was coming towards us, Shin said it was a Communist Chinese Soldiers, I said they were the red army possibly here to finish us off. I bolted for the ladder from the 3rd floor flying down as fast as I could to the first where my rifle was. A monk stopped me and I didn’t want to make a scene. I cursed and tried to explain but the monk didn’t speak English so I cursed again. Shin didn’t like the fact the soldiers were this far out in the sticks. I was already under the impression they were here to kill us.

The captain of the platoon of soldiers did speak English Robert found out while I tried to stay hidden and looking for an opportunity to get to our guns. He originally thought we were English but I gave away my attempts at sneaking closer when I barked out I was an American, damn patriotism. Supposedly we, Robert, Bill, Constantine, myself, Shin, McCloud, and Diana would accompany the soldiers to a village. The village was deserted since everyone had been killed by us. Constantine asked if a plane crashed into the village since that would actually make us, me personally, responsible. There hadn’t been but they had seen it crash. Supposedly everyone had had a fever similar to the one Gray had that died in the village. In the very least we figured we should investigate so that the soldiers didn’t arrest us or just shot us.

If you’ve ever come to a small village in the snow covered mountains of Tibet I’m sure in most cases it would look nice, even give you a sense of peace. Simple life, simple honest people, not this village; we neared and as we did we thought it eerie to see no smoke coming from the houses. A slightly snow covered bon fire long since died out lay in the middle of the village, bones of long since dead people were piled in the fire and littered the area around. It was a bit sobering. We found a few people that had died, probably the last of the surviving , where they stood or lay. Their skin had marks on them, it wasn’t was Gray had but definitely looked painful and probably what killed them. I had an odd thought realizing we were each escorted by two soldiers each. I asked Constantine where the water source for the Temple was that we had stayed at and he explained most likely a river. I looked around and pointed when I saw the river, I mentioned it be odd if the plateau was the source of the river. We looked upriver and saw the plateau. Even the wheels in my brain were turning. Robert and Constantine thought it might have been poison and I freaked everyone out a bit by trying to make myself throw up since there was a good chance we were going to die soon as well. Constantine deduced that it wasn’t the water or the monks would have been dead.

They had all come in contact with something that had given them the disease, I wondered than if it could have been something they ate to which we did find some food. There was a large set of foot prints next to it and I pointed them out. The captain explained we surely weren’t trying to say the Yeti was the killer or poisoned of the village. I just wanted him to answer me than straight if the Yeti was real or not. Constantine coming out of one of the houses held a straw mat up with a charcoal drawing of the village, a river and a dragon. I said the dragon might be the crimson emperor or his people but probably not a real dragon. No one would tell me that it could NOT be a dragon though so I was a little freaked out.

That’s when we all heard the shot and we needed to react. This is why I really need a shot of some kind of alcohol since this is not what I was expecting to be doing today.


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