The Crimson Emperor

Order 1: Gin Rickey
Session 1: 21 March 2012

Tony stepped into the Drunk Irishman Tavern and looked around as he took his hat off and his eyes adjusted. Seeing a spot open at the bar Tony shoved his hat into his back pocket as he got the bartender’s attention.

“Gin Rickey.” Tony stated wiping his brow and hunching onto the bar realizing he was a little more exhausted then he usually would have been. Plus it was either hotter these past days or he’d been doing a lot more running around than he was use to.

“Tired?” the bartender inquired.

Tony shrugged and admitted with a slight smile, “Well Mic, it’s been a hell of a time these past two days I’ll tell ya that.”

As a highball glass was placed in front of him Tony took a long pull on his drink. That’s one nice thing about the Drunk Irishman, they never skimp on the alcohol. Slightly relieved of stress Tony began telling the events of the last two days.

Introduction to the story

Senator Morrison is a populist candidate who is running for president as an independent. His fiery rhetoric of taxing the rich and lifting up the poor has garnered him a groundswell of support from the poor and disenfranchised. He has taken a “tough on crime” stance and wants to beef up the FBI’s ability to take on The Mafia.

He has had several threats against his life, but has refused Secret Service protection. He will be making a campaign stop in New York City on Saturday culminating in a rally at the Allister Arms Hotel grand ballroom on Saturday night. He will then continue on to Philadelphia on Sunday morning.

It is Friday, and there are rumors that The Mob in New York might be planning something. The FBI has dispatched one of their top agents, Bill Sharpe. It is already Friday afternoon when your train arrives at Grand Central Station and you need to hit the ground running; the Senator will be arriving at 8 am tomorrow morning.


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