The Crimson Emperor

Order 16: Hurry up and wait, that old dance again
August 29th Session

After the take off, I thought it’s be smooth sailing. The sound of six Crimson fighters on the tarmac starting up though proved me wrong. We did okay fending them off by just getting distance in plus Bill had brought the heavy machine gun with him (soveigner). We touched down in India aftwards and went our seperate ways. Our little group made it’s way back to the States by way of a tanker while the rest (Wing and Diana) went to find Grey. Egg decided to stick around with us for a bit. I think it took longer to get through customs then it did to go from Indiana to the Big Apple though.

Order 15: So Long and Thanks for the Plane with NO BEER!

One thing about someone who’s shady and will kill without a hint of hesitation, they can’t be trusted. It’s not if, it’s when they double cross you that you got to stay on your toes for. Staring down the barrel of an automatic isn’t the best of places to be and still think you have the upper hand. But that German ambassador didn’t see it coming when he found himself rolling on the ground with the rest of the crimson soldiers around him with a lot of explaining to do before they probably killed him.

Order 14: A Jever Beer and a Airplane ticket to Freedom
Session from 18 July 2012

As the brisk icy air hit me it stung my teeth and lungs. The sun seemed too bright since I hadn’t seen sunlight for a month probably. It felt good though, we were out of the prison cells but we were now on the runway with only a few minutes before our ride off the god forsaken frozen fortress would be gone and we had several guards running towards us. Bill was still chuckling. I had made a deal with another devil for our freedom with the promise of handing over the Marcels, I was going to be getting some premium German beer though and a ticket off this rock. Too bad I’d have to probably have to come up short on my end of the bargain. I couldn’t do that to the Doc and his daughter… I might try and still get that keg and a ride home though.

Order 13: Deal with the Red Devil
Session from 11 July 2012

Standing around and pacing in my cell probably has you wondering. Tony if you just unlocked your cell and everyone is free why don’t you try the door and get out of the prison. Rewind five hours and delete my evil twin. That room is next door and yes I busted out of it. I guess I should explain. Especially the whole evil twin.

Order 12: From warm bathes and hot meals to cold dungeons and no hope
Session on June 27 2012

I don’t know if I’m in a better situation now or worse now that I’m out of the firefight with the crimson soldiers. I’m in a dungeon and we’re trying to figure out how to get out.

The fire fight raged for a bit longer until we were surrounded. With Constantine unsconscious next to me on the other side of the wall plus six soldiers having me at gunpoint I was kind of out of options and put down my gun before knocking back a swig of alcohol from one of my many flasks. I took account and everyone was down beside me, Diana, and Tsang. Refusing to surrender at gun point left our attackers with the option of beating people unconscious to get them to summit. Everyone was resuscitated so they could walk and we were marched to the foreboding plateau for the next two or three days.

Order 11: Cut off
Session from Just 20th 2012

If I told you at this point I didn’t want a drink since I was too tired if you knew me you’d wonder if I was okay you’d be right I’m not. I’m hosed. Constantine is unconscious next to me, most of the soldiers with us are now dead and I think we’re outnumbered three or four to one. Guess I should explain.

Order 10: Volcano
Session from June 13th 2012

When you’re lying prone in the snow against a stone wall wondering how you and your friends are going to get out of the situation you’re in you’d be thought crazy if you had the idea in your head I have right now. I need a volcano. I meant the drink but a real one would do. A tropical drink with rum might warm me up considering the frozen battlefield I seemed to have gotten dragged into by that Chinese captain and his platoon. I wish I had a couple of pineapple grenades right now, this situation would be a lot easier. I’d even setting for a Yeti running in with a machine gun, still can’t get the locals to tell me straight if he’s real or not but they seem to talk about him like he is. I guess I should explain a bit why I want a mixed tropical drink you set on fire or a real life natural disaster. In short I’m kinda loosing it. Here why.

Order 9: Shots
Session 9 on June 6th, 2012

Being stone cold sober in a situation where you just heard someone shooting at you possibly is something most people would think is a good thing. Makes your reactions sharper, you think to look for cover, and you try and figure out where the shots are coming from. I wasn’t one of those people, I needed another drink. Granted if you were taken prisoner, asked to assist in an investigation, at gunpoint, by a platoon of Communist Chinese soldiers to assist them in the search around a small village, which happens to be all dead, to figure out why they all died and if the British government had any part in it you might think differently. Oh I forgot to mention I’m in the middle of nowhere and it’s as cold as all get up since you’re smack dab in the middle of some Tibetan mountains range. Plus you just found out that the abominable snowman is REAL and may have stopped by the village you’re in for a snack or just to kill all the villagers. Add in the discovery the people in the village possibly died from a plague caused by the river you’ve been drinking out of or the food you’ve been eating… It might be something else possibly since we found a drawing by one of the dead villagers showing otherwise. A dragon. The picture was of the town, the river and a dragon breathing fire over the village… which might be a reference to this Red Emperor guy we’re looking for and considering the guy was dying he did a hell of a lot better than I would at drawing it even if I’m not dead yet. Its just been weird the last two days but I’m rambling which you can probably tell this is one of those times a long pull of scotch is in order. I keep getting shots but not the kind I want!

Order 8: Scotch on the Rocks
Session 9 from May 30th 2012

Tony’s breathing was still rapid he noticed and little could be heard over the whistle of the wind besides his heart beat pounding in his chest. This was really happening he thought to himself. The adrenaline in Tony’s body seemed to stop surging and the realization of the ground coming up violently to meet him put his heart in his throat. His eyes teared up from the increase of speed as he hit before everything went dark. Tony was no paratrooper so as he slammed into the ground he cursed aloud as he bounced into the air and tumbled to a stop over the icy patch of snow trapped now inside his parachute and parachute cord. He lay still a few seconds the world still spinning and needed to regain his bearing as the powdery snow around him settled back down from his kickup crash landing. Standing up a bit disoriented Tony worked his way through the parachute and lines and stumbled away on shaky legs out of the darkness. He squinted since it was so bright out. Falling back onto his now deflated parachute pile he rummaged around in his inner pockets and produced a small metal flask. Shaky hands dropped the flask which calmed Tony a bit a small joke or pun created.

Order 7: Red Lotus
Game Session May 16th & 23rd

Mic fumbled with his keys and grumbled at the front door, he was late. Surprisingly he had overslept, a rare occasion, and his mad scramble to get in was mainly because today of all days was a restocking day, all his distributors would have deliveries coming in today. Of all the days to sleep in this was one of those days he didn’t need the stress it caused. He was a bit flustered when the door suddenly opened from the inside, he jumped back and put his fists up until Tony popped his head out and blinked at the bartender and owner of the Drunk Irishman that looked like he was getting ready to start jabbing. Tony jerked and looked around and waved him in.


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