The Crimson Emperor

Introduction to the story

Senator Morrison is a populist candidate who is running for president as an independent. His fiery rhetoric of taxing the rich and lifting up the poor has garnered him a groundswell of support from the poor and disenfranchised. He has taken a “tough on crime” stance and wants to beef up the FBI’s ability to take on The Mafia.

He has had several threats against his life, but has refused Secret Service protection. He will be making a campaign stop in New York City on Saturday culminating in a rally at the Allister Arms Hotel grand ballroom on Saturday night. He will then continue on to Philadelphia on Sunday morning.

It is Friday, and there are rumors that The Mob in New York might be planning something. The FBI has dispatched one of their top agents, Bill Sharpe. It is already Friday afternoon when your train arrives at Grand Central Station and you need to hit the ground running; the Senator will be arriving at 8 am tomorrow morning.

Order 1: Gin Rickey
Session 1: 21 March 2012

Tony stepped into the Drunk Irishman Tavern and looked around as he took his hat off and his eyes adjusted. Seeing a spot open at the bar Tony shoved his hat into his back pocket as he got the bartender’s attention.

“Gin Rickey.” Tony stated wiping his brow and hunching onto the bar realizing he was a little more exhausted then he usually would have been. Plus it was either hotter these past days or he’d been doing a lot more running around than he was use to.

“Tired?” the bartender inquired.

Tony shrugged and admitted with a slight smile, “Well Mic, it’s been a hell of a time these past two days I’ll tell ya that.”

As a highball glass was placed in front of him Tony took a long pull on his drink. That’s one nice thing about the Drunk Irishman, they never skimp on the alcohol. Slightly relieved of stress Tony began telling the events of the last two days.

Order 2: Boxcar
Session 2: 28 March 2012

Tony slipped back down into the Drunk Irishman Tavern and into his favorite seat like if he hadn’t left town, foiled an assassination, and come back a little bit prouder. The bartender looked at Tony raising an eyebrow since Tony looked a bit different in a suit. Smirking Tony put his new derby on the counter smoothing the feather and nodded to the bartender.

“Boxcar.” Tony said threading his hands together in front of him and was all grins.

“You look like you’re about to start purring like a cat you’re so please Tony… and what’s with the get up” Mic inquired as he reached for a sours glass.

Wiping off his lapel Tony straightened up a bit in his chair, “Well you know me, can’t do anything except the hard way.” Tony admitted.

Still perplexed the bartender started to ask if he was working with the mafia but Tony quickly dismissed even the thought.

“You remember what I told you last time about that job I was on?” Tony began. Mic nodded and Tony explained on how he had just got back into town and what had happened since.

Order 3: French Connection
April 4th 2012 session

Tony shuffled into his old haunt, the Drunk Irishman Tavern, and sat down at his usual stool. Rolling his shoulder he was still a bit sore from the gun shot that nicked him in the arm the previous night. Nodding to Mic before stating, “French Connection.” Mic gave him an odd look before Tony held up two fingers sideways before saying ‘two fingers’ of Cognac and two fingers of Amaretto in an old fashioined. Mic nodded and slide Tony his drink with the ease of someone who spent many years behind the bar. Tony was staring at an ID card and shaking his head. He was smirking slightly but his brow was still furrowed. Turning the card around to read Mic asked a logical question which no doubt had a story behind it. Mic didn’t mind he was a good listener and as of late Tony’s stories were of something current sometimes dumb or on the side of poor judgement but always somewhat dangerous and always exciting it seemed.

“Why do you have Councilman Benard Deutsch’s ID?” Mic inquired.

“I took it off his unconscious body before putting him in a cab last night.” Tony replied.

“You’re hanging out with city officials now? Maybe I should charge you extra…did you just say he was unconscious?” Mic began.

Tony shrugged after taking a pull off his drink, “He was out cold because of me decking him. But I should probably begin at the start if I’m going to tell you what happened.”

Order 4: Salty Dog
11 April 2012 Session

Tony trudged into The Drunk Irishman half dead it seemed as he decided to forego his normal stool and opted for a stool against a support beam. Mic eyed him as he came over.

“You look a bit green.” Mic stated.

“I was before I threw up.” Tony corrected.

Mic grunted. “Steak Sandwich?” he inquired.

Tony grunted. “Salty Dog too.”

Mic raised an eye, “Gin or Vodka?”

“Surprise me.” Tony said resting the back of his head against the cool wood support beam and closed his eyes.

It felt good, the wood against the back of his head. Solid ground beneath your feet is something Tony took for granted until it wasn’t there. After devouring half his sandwich and tossing back a bit of drink Tony looked much better. With a sigh of relief it seemed he looked at Mic and smirked. “We killed a pirate.” Tony stated matter of factly taking another bite.

“You killed…” Mic said wondering what he just heard.

“A pirate, he didn’t have a peg leg or parrot. He did have a sword. He was one of them china men too.” Tony elaborated which just confused Mic more. After another bite of his sandwich wiping his hands off Tony explained.

Order 5: Death in the Afternoon
Game Session on 25th of April

Tony walked into the Drunken Irishman and didn’t look at the bartender as usual. Something was off, he took off his hat and pressed the base of his palms into his eye sockets and rubbed as he exhaled slowly. His hands were cradling his face and hide the bar from his few until he sat staring at the well worn wooden bar countertop. Mic came over still cleaning a glass and didn’t say anything or disturb him. He just listened and waited, something he was quite good at after many years of practice.

Order 6: Six Cylinder
Game Session on May 2nd

Mic handed out another order of beer, it was getting busy. Which is why he was surprised to see Tony sitting at the bar during happy hour. He usually came in when things were slower and Mic hand time to listen to his ramblings. Tony was about to say something to Mic when he finally noticed him but his smirk turned into his face contorting in pain, Mic started looking in his direction to see what was going on. A guy had grabbed Tony by his left shoulder from behind, the guy didn’t look overly strong but the way Tony was clutching his left arm to his chest and clenching his teeth he didn’t seem to be favoring it. Before Mic could do anything Tony spun around eyes ablaze focusing on the man.

Order 7: Red Lotus
Game Session May 16th & 23rd

Mic fumbled with his keys and grumbled at the front door, he was late. Surprisingly he had overslept, a rare occasion, and his mad scramble to get in was mainly because today of all days was a restocking day, all his distributors would have deliveries coming in today. Of all the days to sleep in this was one of those days he didn’t need the stress it caused. He was a bit flustered when the door suddenly opened from the inside, he jumped back and put his fists up until Tony popped his head out and blinked at the bartender and owner of the Drunk Irishman that looked like he was getting ready to start jabbing. Tony jerked and looked around and waved him in.

Order 8: Scotch on the Rocks
Session 9 from May 30th 2012

Tony’s breathing was still rapid he noticed and little could be heard over the whistle of the wind besides his heart beat pounding in his chest. This was really happening he thought to himself. The adrenaline in Tony’s body seemed to stop surging and the realization of the ground coming up violently to meet him put his heart in his throat. His eyes teared up from the increase of speed as he hit before everything went dark. Tony was no paratrooper so as he slammed into the ground he cursed aloud as he bounced into the air and tumbled to a stop over the icy patch of snow trapped now inside his parachute and parachute cord. He lay still a few seconds the world still spinning and needed to regain his bearing as the powdery snow around him settled back down from his kickup crash landing. Standing up a bit disoriented Tony worked his way through the parachute and lines and stumbled away on shaky legs out of the darkness. He squinted since it was so bright out. Falling back onto his now deflated parachute pile he rummaged around in his inner pockets and produced a small metal flask. Shaky hands dropped the flask which calmed Tony a bit a small joke or pun created.

Order 9: Shots
Session 9 on June 6th, 2012

Being stone cold sober in a situation where you just heard someone shooting at you possibly is something most people would think is a good thing. Makes your reactions sharper, you think to look for cover, and you try and figure out where the shots are coming from. I wasn’t one of those people, I needed another drink. Granted if you were taken prisoner, asked to assist in an investigation, at gunpoint, by a platoon of Communist Chinese soldiers to assist them in the search around a small village, which happens to be all dead, to figure out why they all died and if the British government had any part in it you might think differently. Oh I forgot to mention I’m in the middle of nowhere and it’s as cold as all get up since you’re smack dab in the middle of some Tibetan mountains range. Plus you just found out that the abominable snowman is REAL and may have stopped by the village you’re in for a snack or just to kill all the villagers. Add in the discovery the people in the village possibly died from a plague caused by the river you’ve been drinking out of or the food you’ve been eating… It might be something else possibly since we found a drawing by one of the dead villagers showing otherwise. A dragon. The picture was of the town, the river and a dragon breathing fire over the village… which might be a reference to this Red Emperor guy we’re looking for and considering the guy was dying he did a hell of a lot better than I would at drawing it even if I’m not dead yet. Its just been weird the last two days but I’m rambling which you can probably tell this is one of those times a long pull of scotch is in order. I keep getting shots but not the kind I want!


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