The Crimson Emperor

Order 11: Cut off

Session from Just 20th 2012

If I told you at this point I didn’t want a drink since I was too tired if you knew me you’d wonder if I was okay you’d be right I’m not. I’m hosed. Constantine is unconscious next to me, most of the soldiers with us are now dead and I think we’re outnumbered three or four to one. Guess I should explain.

Captain Lao seemed to be losing it and started insulting the guys to the south in Chinese. Some of them rushed us causing them to get picked off so I guess whatever he had said or implied they didn’t like. Bill rushed the building to the east while some of the soldiers went through the building’s west side door. The crimson soldiers started shooting from the roof which distracted me for a bit and I was splitting my range of vision between the south where guys were still coming towards us and the building roof top to the east since Captain Lao had taken a bullet from that direction causing him to stumble out of cover away from the rooftop shooter.

Seeing Bill hanging off the side of the roof with some Asian guy swinging a sword at him got me firing over Bill’s head so he had enough time to dive through a window out of the man’s range with his sword. Captain Lao got pulled through a window by one of his guys out of the line of fire and they took up under heavy cover from inside to pick off the two shooters on the roof. Gun fire from inside the building meant another firefight out of sight or on the other side of the building.

To the North I could hear McCloud, Tsang Wing was conscious and headed or at least attempting to head towards us. The shooters to the north and north east had him pinned down by the pit of dead bodies though. Constantine lay unconscious next to me I don’t know how by the gash on his head must of meant diving out of the way of a bullet got him in a fight with something hard versus his head. That hard thing was probably the wall, the wall won.

I heard Robert’s voice over the din of gun fire to the west and the sound of more guys coming from his direction and gunfire as well. We were pinned down, out gunned, and out manned. Usually I’d say it would be a situation where I’d need a drink. I was cutting myself off. I was just too tired to think of alcohol right now


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