The Crimson Emperor

Order 12: From warm bathes and hot meals to cold dungeons and no hope

Session on June 27 2012

I don’t know if I’m in a better situation now or worse now that I’m out of the firefight with the crimson soldiers. I’m in a dungeon and we’re trying to figure out how to get out.

The fire fight raged for a bit longer until we were surrounded. With Constantine unsconscious next to me on the other side of the wall plus six soldiers having me at gunpoint I was kind of out of options and put down my gun before knocking back a swig of alcohol from one of my many flasks. I took account and everyone was down beside me, Diana, and Tsang. Refusing to surrender at gun point left our attackers with the option of beating people unconscious to get them to summit. Everyone was resuscitated so they could walk and we were marched to the foreboding plateau for the next two or three days.

Inside we saw a hodgepodge of art motifs of a red dragon through several cultures from across Asia and over several eras of time as well. People sure seemed to like that red dragon. We saw a smoothed area of rock and an area big enough to be a airplane runway. We saw a hanger and the tail of a plane had a Nazi swastika on it. I had an idea what had shot us down. Damn, Krauts too.

We were lined up and forced to kneel and given a list of specific orders such as to not look at the crimson emperor directly and not to speak to him unless spoken to. I ain’t never meant an emperor but they made the guy out to be a crackpot, but considering where we were and what we were trying to do though I can’t really judge I guess. Bill didn’t like the sounds of this and started to say so. McLoed agreed saying he wasn’t going to stand for this as he start to get up, unfortunately he was morbidly right when an officer pulled a revolved putting a bullet into his head before he could stand. The body was quickly dragged away seconds after it fell to the ground and several workers went to work furiously cleaning up the stone floor anywhere blood had splattered. This kept me quite, Bill was about to do something brash it seemed and for once I gave him some sound advice, none of us liked it but we didn’t like getting killed even more and we couldn’t do anything for the man if we got ourselves up and killed. Diana was looking away, I could tell her eyes were probably shut, her shaking fists with white knuckles spoke a bit about her state of mind probably as well. I made a mental image of the SoB that killed Doug and burned it into my mind.

Eventually the guy came, the man had on those oversized robes and big funny hats that emperors and kings use to wear. He looked like an idiot to me. He disrobed, probably cus he couldn’t move around that much in all those robes and underneath had on a funny looking dark red leather military uniform and put on a different hat, some kind of officer thing I guess, which still looked funny. He addressed us and asked our names. He gave Bill a bit when he gave an alias and it was kind of implied he knew our names… well at least what people called us since I told him my name was Tony Two Tunes he left it at that. I’d have been a bit more impressed and embarrassed if he knew my actual full name, Antonio Florence Totunelli. He did thank us though for our work saving the Senator. I remarked that if the ‘real’ senator was still alive I’d let him know he was grateful. He nodded knowingly and I swore under my breath. He was showing his hand, this guy had the balls of a bull worth of cockiness. I guess I couldn’t blame him he had all the cards it seemed.

After he finished with his greetings he explained we were invited to dinner, a room with a warm bath and fresh clothes was provided. Two armed guards escorted each of us to a room, I had to admit it did feel good. I was escorted in much nicer suit to a banquet hall, there was a logo of the world on a banner being surrounding by a red dragon, even I knew what was going on as I saw the rich looking people probably ambassordors or high ranking and influential people. There were people from Fracnce, Germany, England, Russia, Japan, and even the US. I saw the campaign manager for the Senator and I made a mental image in my head of flying across the room and catching him with my feet first right in his mouth. Dirty weasel was one of them face changer asian guys or he was in with these guys either way he was a dirty weasel. The Crimson Joker himself showed up and everyone stood and clapped for the bastard. He waved a hand and gave a toast to the downfall of America, he had used the democratic system and elections to put his sleeper agents in all major facets of the US Government.
The emperor explained he didn’t mind ruling the world from the shadows and gave the impression the people at the table would be running the governments of the world as he puppets. They didn’t seem to mind. One of the final parts of the plan would be put into effect soon a ‘Crimson Mist’ would soon be dropped on New York City and as he looked to us he explained he had just found volunteers to take the fall for the attack. Scapegoats. I noticed there was a scientist behind him, he didn’t say anything but by his reaction to what was said he didn’t like the idea of this ‘Crimson Mist’ being used on anyone. That implied it was definitely bad since from his lab coat and glasses he looked like the smart kind of guy.
With a flick of his wrist the emperor had his men take us. I lunged at the table stuffing more food into my mouth and tried to palm the silverware I had been using, most of it clattered to the floor, I did manage to slip a fancy fork up my sleeve. We were lead at gun point to prison cells in a windowless room. With two to a cell and only two dinky light bulbs as the only decoration we were hurting. I asked if everyone was okay. Most of the others were still pretty banged up and I noticed there was a asian guy with Constantine in his cell. I asked him how long he had been in the cell but for the most part I couldn’t tell if he just didn’t speak good English or was just crazy, a bit of both maybe so I let it go for now. I noticed the girl in the cell with Diana and I asked Robert to find out who she was. He was about to ask me why I couldn’t do it myself when I pulled the fork from my sleeve and started to bend it against the cell bars.

Explained how she had been kidnapped and that her father was a scientist forced to work for these crazy people on the Crimson Mist. Originally he had been working on it for the Germans but after seeing the horrific results and him quitting no one wanted to work on the project. The results were a little too horrific it seemed and even those funding the project decided stopping was a good idea… Yesh. Granted kidnapping the guys daughter and tell him to finish to project put a bit of motivation in him, enough to finish the project it seems. That did explain who the science guy at the diner was. While Robert kept her talking I finished my crude lock pick. After she was done talking a click of my door swinging open had me grabbing it and telling Bill to hold it while I moved to Roberts door. A snap had me cursing and Robert looking at me.

“Did you just make it worse?” he asked me.

“Have you ever picked a lock in a secret mountaintop hideout in china with a fork? Cut me some slack over here this is a little out of even my comfort zone!” I countered. I spent the greater part of the night picking the pieces of the lock pick out of the lock.

Egg Chu the odd Asian guy finally figured out what I wanted to do and muttered aloud that he figured we wanted to get out. This was good since they were probably going to kill us he explained. He slapped the lock on his cell up a couple times and poked the lock to the cell with a forefinger. His door swung open.
He did the same to the rest of the cells I couldn’t open. I had moved to the door to the dungeon when everyone’s door was opened and I thought it was clear. Robert suggested we waited until they came for us to break out. I thought the opposite, it was late enough now that there would be fewer guards and we’d be able to get around with greater ease. Also no one was really in shape to fight so hiding and sneaking around seemed like the better option to me.

Regardless we had to do something otherwise it sounded like New York City was in for a world of hurt and we were going to take the rap for it if we survived.


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