The Crimson Emperor

Order 6: Six Cylinder

Game Session on May 2nd

Mic handed out another order of beer, it was getting busy. Which is why he was surprised to see Tony sitting at the bar during happy hour. He usually came in when things were slower and Mic hand time to listen to his ramblings. Tony was about to say something to Mic when he finally noticed him but his smirk turned into his face contorting in pain, Mic started looking in his direction to see what was going on. A guy had grabbed Tony by his left shoulder from behind, the guy didn’t look overly strong but the way Tony was clutching his left arm to his chest and clenching his teeth he didn’t seem to be favoring it. Before Mic could do anything Tony spun around eyes ablaze focusing on the man.

“You’re in m-“ the man began gruffly before he saw a flash of fabric in front of his face from Tony’s forearm which caught his attention before an elbow connected with his nose pushing him back. As he covered his nose with his hands in pain and started to blubber something Tony still in fluid motion continued up into the air off his stool before coming down hard slamming his full weight down on the top of the man’s head connecting with his elbow again making the stranger’s eyes roll back in his head as he slumped to the floor unconscious. Now standing Tony looked around.

“That hurt.” Tony commented before turning back again and getting back on the stool adjusting his jacket. Half the small bar was eyeing Tony, most everyone had quieted down.

“For the love of Saint Jude and lost causes, Tony do you have to be… like… that” Mic floundered waving at the man.

Tony smirked slightly knowing Mic wasn’t that mad really or he would have thrown him out. Tony did realize he’d have one less paying customer and the drinking crew might dry up now a bit scared one guy was already passed out. Tony hopped back down and grunted and he rummaged over the guy. Finding his wallet he checked it and pulled some cash out tossing it on the bar. “I guess he’ll buy a round.” Tony said simply as a matter of fact. No one complained about free alcohol and the rabble cheered.

Mic shook his head and started to introduce Tony as he filled mugs, “Well ya bunch of lushes, drunks, and hooligans ya might want to be on your good behavior. Tony usually comes in when there’s less people to knock out. He’s a nice enough drunk but a mean bastard when he’s a sober one. By the way Tony considering your attire being a bit nicer than normal who’d you steal that suit off of?” Mic began before handing out beer and talking a closer look, “Wait a minute, a tailored suit. Oh you must have done something pretty crazy to get one of that kind off.”

Tony shrugged and tapped the bar, “Six cylinder, and as for the suit it was a gift.” Pointing at where the man grabbed him he explained pointing with his good hand, “I got shot in the shoulder a few hours ago.” Tony said waiting for his drink. Seeing the look of disbelief on his face Tony unbuttoned his shirt and slide his jacket and shirt back. Sure enough the large bandage was enough since asking Mic if he wanted to poke the bullet wound with his finger got Mic shaking his head and muttering about Tony having a Death Wish.

Mic sighed before saying, “Gather round and let’s see if Tony wants to explain how a working stiff gets shoot on a Sunday afternoon and manages to get a suit out of it…”

“Only if we’re all drinking.” Tony added. A chorus of laughs and cheers from the crowd put Tony at ease. Looking around he recognized most everyone in the bar. Most were regulars and he wasn’t too worried about word getting out and the story getting back to any gangsters.

After getting beat up in that alleyway last time we were mostly still in good condition except for me, we needed to get out of there at least for a breather. Constantine and Robert were discussing on how to get me to the hospital for treatment for the large cut on my arm as we walked. I went into a store and bought some cheap alcohol. Walking around back the two still discussing it watched a little surprised when I striped to the waist pour alcohol on my wound ripped a sleeve off my shirt to wrap my arm after I cleaned the wound before putting back on my disheveled shirt and jacket. Alcohol’s not just for drinking, most people forget that I guess. Saying I was mostly fine got an odd look from the other two. Saying we should get out of the cut up clothes before going back if that was the plan would make us stick out and look more suspicious since they didn’t have a lot of American hobos in Chinatown.
Finding myself back in the alleyway coming up from the south side had me a bit on edge. A few hours ago feeling like a fish on the chopping block probably was the cause of the effect on me. I told the other two to hold on as I got closer. The truck had been moved back out, mostly a heap of scrap now but not on fire. The doors to the bay I had crashed into were down mostly. There was a bit of a gap I notice as I snuck up closer and saw feet. I motioned that I saw two people were inside at least and Constantine knocked over a trash can. I plastered myself against the wall and took a quick peek back. The feet were gone. I threw up my hands silently looking at Constantine and he shrugged apologetically. Crawling past the dock by the bay door got me over by the door Marco had previously kicked the door open to fill us with lead so I was a bit tense. I looked under the gap again and I thought I could make out at least one set of feet farther away. They were waiting in ambush now. I motioned to the others to come over slowly and motioned this time to keep quiet.
With the three of us in position I found the door unlocked. Slowly turning it and it not clicking was a good thing, and giving it a slight pull let it move. I tried to pull it open slowly but thought the door would have been heavier as I flung it open the door slammed into the wall and light flooded in around my silhouette. “Whoops” I managed to say hoisting my bat, “Uh… Is there a public restroom?” I asked.
Several hand axes flew into the wall a few inches from my head. I figure they did appreciate the intrusion and if they had a restroom it was probably for employees only. When Constantine and Robert started shooting at them around me I didn’t mind until the lady in the red dress showed up. She asked Robert to not be so violent and to come closer to her. As I tried to goad one of the chinaman to rush and attack me but I got no response really. I was surprised when Robert behind me muttered he had to be close to the lady in red and I lashed out trying to grab him as he just walked by, I didn’t know what was going on with him but he definitely wasn’t right in the head. He slipped away and in and I chased after him mixing it up with a chinaman who got in front of me.
As the chinaman and me fought I managed to miss getting hit by several more axes and the lady in red asked me to be less violent. I smirked and retorted that I was a drunk and most of the time I was always violent. She told Robert to shot me and I got a little wide eyed. I didn’t know if I’d have time to grab the guy I was fighting with to use as a shield since his gun started to raise. I was thankful when Robert said ‘No’ before he tried to jump away from her and take a shot. He cursed yelling out she was a crazy broad. A thin line of blood trailed down his cheek. I told him I was glad he had come to his senses until a heard a metallic whirling behind the Chinese guy I was fighting, there was a man in a lab coat next to a machine that started to spark. This crazy yahoo in the white coat up and caught a gun that came flying out of the machine. Then he started to shot at us, who puts a loaded gun in a wash machine just so it could fly out so you can shoot it.
Since the guy on me lunged at Robert I traded dance partners with him and lunged at the lady in the red dress who surprising In heels leap out of the way of me tackling her. I didn’t really understand what was going on when she said kill him. But the suddenly slam of hot iron pushing through my left shoulder that toppled me into the shelves let me know she was talking about me. I roared pulling out a gun as well to see Robert pointing a gun as me and asking who shot me, smoke still trailing from the barrel of his gun.
I looked around and the lady in red was gone. Tricky dame that one. I heard heels clicking in the distance but in truth I was a bit out of it, maybe from the gun shot or being in shock. We had knocked out the guys we were fighting but the other two couldn’t be found the guy in the white lab coat or lady in red weren’t anywhere nearby. With Constnatine and Robert asking if I was ok, I simply stated that I wasn’t and there was a fire to deal with. Robert and Constantine charged into the room the lab coat guy was and the machine was kicking up a fireworks display worth of sparks. They managed to find the power and turn it off. The two commented on my shooting while dazed and hurt. Robert really thought I was going to try and shoot him back. Slumped in the doorway I did a lot of nothing except supply some suggestions in my moment of sober pain.
The machine looked unique and Constantine wondered why they hadn’t taken it when we had left before. We figured it was some kind of mind altering device since it would explain why Marco was scared of the Chinese lady in red and why Shamus would be working with him. The guns flying out of it was just odd thought. I offered they probably not taking it might have something to do with me try to crash a truck into the building and setting it on fire. Seemed to big to move around a lot but if the closest moving truck had been destroyed by my childish venting we had caught them with their pants down.
Robert took me to a hospital it seemed since I’m still breathing. Constantine supposedly got some monk friends to help him get the machine out of the warehouse and he left right after he found out the Frenchman had guys show up to cart it away, probably due to our conspicuously sneaking introduction into the area it was stored in.

“Wait so you got beat up by a whole bunch of chinaman took off, and then went back and beat up a whole bunch of different chinaman and then manage to get shot by your friend.” One of the patron’s asked still in disbelief.

“Pretty much, granted there was some mind control involved there but for the most part yes.” Tony countered getting off his stool and helped the guy coming to. “I think he’s got my tab tonight. I got a meeting with a nurse.” Tony said to the still groggy victim.

“You got a date out of it too.” Another patron asked a bit shocked.

“Not really, she’s taking me out for drinks since I can’t go out drinking myself if my drinking arm is wounded” Tony added.

“But you’ve been… you can drink just fine.” One of the guys said a bit confused.

“I can drink fine, but a few free drinks from a pretty lady, are a few free drinks from a pretty lady. That’s great.” Tony said shrugging with a smirk, “Doctor’s orders.”


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