The Crimson Emperor

Order 10: Volcano

Session from June 13th 2012

When you’re lying prone in the snow against a stone wall wondering how you and your friends are going to get out of the situation you’re in you’d be thought crazy if you had the idea in your head I have right now. I need a volcano. I meant the drink but a real one would do. A tropical drink with rum might warm me up considering the frozen battlefield I seemed to have gotten dragged into by that Chinese captain and his platoon. I wish I had a couple of pineapple grenades right now, this situation would be a lot easier. I’d even setting for a Yeti running in with a machine gun, still can’t get the locals to tell me straight if he’s real or not but they seem to talk about him like he is. I guess I should explain a bit why I want a mixed tropical drink you set on fire or a real life natural disaster. In short I’m kinda loosing it. Here why.

After the report of the shot we saw a few of the soldiers with us drop to the ground. We all started to squat looking around when the whistle of mortars came. Yelling out ‘take cover’ didn’t help since two landed before we had time to react really. Robert and the two soldiers next to him were on their faces in the snow. I didn’t see any blood hopefully that meant he had just been knocked unconscious from the shockwave. We scanned the area and Tsing Wang was in a similar position face down just like the guards around him. We started shouting out as soon as we figured the shots came from, the south east. People started running for the closest stone wall for cover. I yelled at the two guards with me to get Robert and their comrades into cover which they seemed to get. I scooped up the rifles and did the same. Tsing Wang wasn’t so lucky in the middle of now where with no cover we figured if he was alive no one on eaither side had time to try and kill him. We slowly crept towards the enemy using the low walls as cover and the houses. I heard a whistle from Bill and a harsh whisper from Diana about staring at her arse while she low crawled into better cover to shot from shouldn’t be Bill’s primary motivation. More mortar rounds hit the ground but not close to anyone we were already on the move. By the small number of them we figured it was the forward observation team for the mortar artillery team. The mortars had stopped it seemed once we got their ‘eyes’ into a fire fight pinning them down.

Things were looking pretty good as we dropped the last few guys with some well placed shots until the guards next to Bill dropped their rifles and fell to the frozen snow covered ground, crimson pools forming around them. More shooters or an ambush? We eventually all ended up in the same small enclosed area behind the stone wall to avoid lead poisoning by way of rifle, we had taken out the observation squad of guys but the other three squads that moved in were slowly trying to box us in.

They were better shots than the soldiers with us but still none of them had really gotten off a successful shot while we were in cover. They found out taking up a spot in a doorway or window got several bullets in their direction. Four or five of the soldiers with us were down. McCloud had gotten shot in the side and had spent the later part of the firefight afterwards with a helmet on a rifle that occasionally got shot. The soldier next to McCloud kept on slapping McCloud’s arm to see if he was okay since he didn’t look good. He looked tired and seemed to constantly tell the guy he was okay. I guess the guard had pulled him over the wall after he got shot. Diana had slmost died after I sprinted past her tossing her a rifle since she ran past me in suit to grab all the guns and ammo from the dead soldiers that had attacked us before jumping over the wall to safety as bullets whizzed into where she had just been.

We were boxed in from the east with the enemy in decent cover to the north east as well as to the south east and south as they tried to outflank us. Most of them seemed to be held up in the house directly to our east. That’s why I wanted the grenades. The flaming drink couldn’t hurt either.

Constantine told me that the wound wasn’t serious and I guessed I was too focused looking for my next target as I lay snaked around the corner of the wall to notice. I guess he was right since after he checked it out I felt a lot better, guess it was the nerves and not paying attention to it just grazing the flesh. Lucky me.

I was starting to miss being chased by gangsters around New York City.


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