The Crimson Emperor

Order 4: Salty Dog

11 April 2012 Session

Tony trudged into The Drunk Irishman half dead it seemed as he decided to forego his normal stool and opted for a stool against a support beam. Mic eyed him as he came over.

“You look a bit green.” Mic stated.

“I was before I threw up.” Tony corrected.

Mic grunted. “Steak Sandwich?” he inquired.

Tony grunted. “Salty Dog too.”

Mic raised an eye, “Gin or Vodka?”

“Surprise me.” Tony said resting the back of his head against the cool wood support beam and closed his eyes.

It felt good, the wood against the back of his head. Solid ground beneath your feet is something Tony took for granted until it wasn’t there. After devouring half his sandwich and tossing back a bit of drink Tony looked much better. With a sigh of relief it seemed he looked at Mic and smirked. “We killed a pirate.” Tony stated matter of factly taking another bite.

“You killed…” Mic said wondering what he just heard.

“A pirate, he didn’t have a peg leg or parrot. He did have a sword. He was one of them china men too.” Tony elaborated which just confused Mic more. After another bite of his sandwich wiping his hands off Tony explained.

After the scene at the café we got to a motel and got two rooms and crashed, us in one Mildred in the other. A full stack of flapjacks and a few words of persuasion from Constantine had the girl talking, she blushed a bit when Constantine mentioned though she should tell her dad what she had been doing, not just living a nice life in New York, the bad parts too.

From what she told us she went into hiding after Jackie was shot. They were in Shamus O’Duffy’s terriroty when it happened. From what she told us about Jackey he treated her well dispite his profession. When Jacky heard that Duffy and Marco were working together when the senator was coming into town he couldn’t believe it. Marco had killed Shamus’ brother something Shamus had not taken lightly. It was a blood debt and a primary reason behind their constant fued. When Jackey talked to Shamus about it he became enraged and shot Jackey in cold blood.

After finding out where Jackey’s place use to be we figured we had gotten all we could from Mildred and sent her on a train to her father back upstate. The Frenchmen in Marco’s territory was probably not on friendly terms with Shamus or Marco which we figured we could use if we could find him. We didn’t really find him even though we checked around at his local haunts. I guess having someone shoot up your club and try to kill you makes a man want to lay low for a bit. We did find something else though that was interesting during our look for him. Rumors on the street sometimes distract you. This was a big distraction.

Supposedly drugs, Cocaine specifically was moving into the area. Something the Marconi Family didn’t tolerate. Supposedly they had a different view now. Originally we thought it might have been the Frenchman’s but from what we gathered from people on the street it was all Marco’s show in that realm. We talked to enough people to find someone who was dealing and we set up a meet.

Drug dealers by nature are paranoid. Regardless of if they dip into their supply or not someone is out to get them, they just don’t know who or when but there always is eventually. I approached the dealer alone since in all honesty the other two could be assumed to be cops, especially the one with the badge. My idle chit chat eventually spooked him I guess and sucker punching him didn’t knock him out. Guess he was a little to jittery for me to get a solid hit on. I yelled out to the others that he was on the run while I gave chase.

He ran to the backdoor of one of the buildings in the alleyway and tried to slam the door behind him. My foot saw otherwise. He rushed through the crowded lobby yelling to people to stop me. I just roared back he was a thief and he had my wallet and barreled down through the crowd. Supposedly most people think it’s okay to chase a guy when he steals your wallet since I got through. Constantine was right behind me. Bill caught sight of him coming out the front of the building and gave chase. I came out and looked to my left Constatine already following Bill to the right. I lost sight of him in the busy traffic of the street we were on and Bill and Constantine had a hard time grabbing the slippery guy. He was looking over his shoulder running after Constantine had just tried to grab him. That’s why he didn’t see it coming. Running through traffic and not looking what was coming at you or where you’re going is a good way to get hit. This was one of those times. Cars stopped around us and people started to crowd around. Snatching the guy up and saying ‘nothing to see here, police business.’ was enough to get onlookers to remember how busy they were.

The dealer felt himself slamming down against the wall and felt cornered as the three of us loomed over him. “Spill it.” We demanded in unison. “You can’t do this to me, I’ll call the cops.” He threatened. Constantine thumbed in Bill’s direction. “You just were negotiating a deal and talking about a drug shipment in front of a cop. You really want us to haul you off to jail? Resisting arrest? Fleeing from a federal agent? Selling drugs?” Constantine said putting a bit of pressure on the guy. “Oh you won’t be going to the nice prison either, we’ll make sure you’re stuck in a cell with that one crazy murder, what’s his name? Buford something? He’s going to wear you like a shoe and not in a comfortable way for you." I added menacingly. “What do you want to know? “ He stammered suddenly cooperative.

Cocaine was getting pushed out into the area around the frenchman’s district and most of Marco’s territory. By Marco himself not some lower people making a move on his territory. Finally getting where and when the shipment was out of him I spun him around and pulled his wallet out. Fishing out his ID I read out his name and address before I tossed him his wallet. “Stop selling drugs, now. Find a different job and you won’t be seeing us again. Unless you want us to not be nice next time we meet.”

The docks were a buzz when we got there, it was early afternoon and some of the dock workers were getting lunch from a hot dog vendor. I told the other two I was going to check with the vendor to see what he knew. Constantine said he’d case the area for a nice place to hold up and wait. Bill said he’d talk with the local police and see about getting some back up and cooperation from the local law enforcement community

The hot dog vendor was an older gentleman, nice guy. Great Hot Dogs. After a bit of eating and chatting I found out he hadn’t really seen that much. A couple of seedy guys and a few trouble maker young kids or teens but nothing major really in the form of mobsters and a dock hideout. I thanked him and took off to find Constantine and did. Smoking a cigarette I found him looking out at the bay. He cocked his head to the side and said he found a decent building to use. The building didn’t have anything really of value so it had a cheap lock as well in case they locked up after dark. It was two stories so we’d have a good vantage point as well. I mentioned needing to go home to get something a little more setting appropriate to wear.

We meet up later that night and the fog had already rolled in. Bill had not really been able to sweet talk the local police but strong armed them to at least have their beat cops in the area keep their ears open for reports or gun shots from the specific area we were in. I showed up to Bill looking around as Constantine fiddled with the lock. I walked up and looked around as well and then at the lockpicking. I talked shop a bit and mentioned a key bump in whispers but he got the door open and the figure of the three of us slide into the building and up close to the window but out of site. Constantine and Bill looked at me as I set up a few thermos filled with coffee or soup, a couple sandwiches, crackers, and some fruit. “You rob a deli Tony?” came the comment from over my shoulder while I fixed myself a meal for the night. “No, but I didn’t have dinner and I know a guy at a deli. Never been on a stakeout? You can eat while you do it?” I shot back. They shrugged and helped themselves when I offered. The Hot soup and coffee were a good idea, never realized in early fall how cold it got down at the docks after dark. Must have been something about the sea air coming in.

We noticed movement finally well after midnight, three cars pulled into the docks with two of them driving past us. I was already pulling on a watchman’s cap that matched my black sweater and retied my boots. When we saw the car closest to us stop and two men get out and get on a boat we realized the delivery wasn’t actually at the port. They were going out someplace to get it. They were leaving and without us knowing where to, meaning we needed on the boat now.

I said I was going to sneak over and I’d tell them when the cost was clear. Before they could say anything I was out. They probably just saw the door closing most of the way with me gone. The view from the window had me already by the mobster’s car looking around. I motioned them over. Bill made it over to the car and I motioned for Constantine as well as I padded onto the boat without notice. Constantine must have kicked a can or something since I heard the skittering of metal from his direction and the meow of a cat. I heard him curse and drop his cigarette he had been covering. The mobsters on the boat had started it up and were getting ready to untie ropes to take off alerted by him when I came up behind them pulling a baseball bat out of my bag of tricks.

The first one didn’t even see me coming before he was out. His friend turned halfway wondering why his friend had just fallen over and surprised by the guy that had launched himself at him. We struggled for a bit when I heard the hammer click on a pistol and we stopped. I put my hands up, the gangster did the same. Bill came aboard as well now aiming a Tommy gun at us. Looking around I quickly put my hands down and searched the guy for weapons. I took his wallet and weapons before tying up the sleeping gangster wrapping him up downstairs out of site.

It didn’t take much to get the mobster to drive us to the meeting place after he explained where the others were and why, just the threat of killing him and dumping his body into the bay was enough of a threat. We pulled up alongside a larger boat with several asian men on it. One wore black pants and a silk blue shirt opened revealing a large red dragon tattoo across his stomach and chest. A sword stuck out the sash on his hip as he looked at us.

Saying we were there for the shipment got the motions rolling. When the cocaine was on board and I took it below deck I came up walking around and inspect the front rope connecting us to the other ship. Two more boats with gangsters yelled and motioned to us probably realizing we weren’t the guys that should be getting the shipment. Me screaming we got company from the Duffy gang and Constantine doing likewise got what I think counted as a rye sour smile from the dragon tattooed man before he rolled his eyes. Constantine mentioned it was worth a shot to which the china man agreed pulling his sword out.

I dove for the ropes and unhitched the front of the boat and pulled my gun out as two of the Chinese boat workers charged me. Bill’s Tommy gun barked from the back taking out our driver and one of the workers, another said something and dove to the side before Costantine shot him. I did a dance with the two workers their eyes malicious as their machetes gleamed silver in the still of the cold moonlight. They chased me as I tried to just get some distance between us while thinking up what to do. I needed to get to the other side of the boat to unhitch the other line. Constantine yelled that they could use a little help themselves. Great.

With one of the machete wielding guys behind me slashing and taking chips off the wall I ducked when I heard the first impact of gun shots off the wall next to me and the rest of the bullets shot the wall where I had been. The gansters in the other boats were trying to kill me from a distance… Great, who needed some help? When I stood up I saw feet next to my eye level causing me to start looking up. The other worker had jumped onto the lower cabin area roof and was standing waiting for me. I noticed he had on some kind of cloth slipper shoe. So I hit him in the foot, with the butt of my gun hard… He howled and what seemed to be curses in Chinese erupted from his mouth as I took off running down the side of the boat.

It tipped a bit and I turned to see the second worker with good working, unbruised, swelling feet flying towards me off balance as I was head to the ground. I tried to lift my gun but he wasn’t lunging for me he was falling to, a bullet went through his head jogging him out of his path his head bobbed slightly up until he landed in a heap slumped to the ground a bullet hole between his eyes. I yelled out I’d been shot and dropped my guy after I watched his body bounce and fall over the rails. I hadn’t been shot and I had my gun. Hoped the gangsters bought it.

The Dragon guy didn’t see me pull my gun to eye level through the porthole and shot the sword out of his hand. I think it surprised everyone. Bill and Constatine looked tired. Bill looked bad. Gashes and dried blood here and there all over his torso and arms the sword flew out of his hand though skittering back outside the captain’s cabin and out of reach. I mentioned he needed to leave to which Bill helped him by blowing several holes through his and the remaining Chinese worker’s bodies. For what was left of his head you could tell he died surprised or shocked.

The commotion on the other ship was in full tilt now above us I could see they were now readying to escape since their boss had died. As I unhooked us I heard Bill laugh before opening up on the mobster’s boats as they got closer with his Tommy gun. They veered away and off into the night. Not wanting to try and deflect bullets or get sunk. We woke up the still living mobster below and got him to sit down among the dead bodies and drive us back to port. As it went away I made note of the boat, it had Chinese flags and was labeled ‘The Red Dragon’.

We pulled into port with several squad cars with lights flashing and police everywhere it seemed our fight was enough for them to hear what was going on with us out at sea. Especially with the heads up. Bill started barking about cooperation to the cops from the boat and how they could have been credited for this as well if they weren’t so pig headed and stubborn and I let Constantine and Bill know something important in a quiet voice. After sneaking onto a boat and disabling two mobsters, sailing into a drug deal with international smugglers killing chinese priates and getting a pretty wicked shot off to disarm the pirate boss I was running with no adrenaline in my system I had realized and I felt sea sick and threw up. Only it came out ‘Guys, I think I’m *Barf*’ Constantine side stepped but Bill got most of it. It wasn’t pretty… fortunately it didn’t get on the dead bodies or the shipment of cocaine downstairs though. Bill the defender.

I wiped my mouth and apologized before I stumbled off and went to all fours putting my cheek on the solid ground in the sea of cops. Mmm baby. Land.

Mic burst out laughing. “So you hijack a gangster’s drug smuggling boat, ambush Chinese drug dealers, kill a Chinese pirate plus some of his crew, get back to land… and THEN you throw up.”

Tony shrugged, “Plus I was sober” he added knocking back another Salty Dog.

Tony thought to himself they still have some things to chase down, questions that needed answers but last night… it just added some new questions. At least they got drugs off the street.

3XP Awarded.


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