The Crimson Emperor

Order 8: Scotch on the Rocks

Session 9 from May 30th 2012

Tony’s breathing was still rapid he noticed and little could be heard over the whistle of the wind besides his heart beat pounding in his chest. This was really happening he thought to himself. The adrenaline in Tony’s body seemed to stop surging and the realization of the ground coming up violently to meet him put his heart in his throat. His eyes teared up from the increase of speed as he hit before everything went dark. Tony was no paratrooper so as he slammed into the ground he cursed aloud as he bounced into the air and tumbled to a stop over the icy patch of snow trapped now inside his parachute and parachute cord. He lay still a few seconds the world still spinning and needed to regain his bearing as the powdery snow around him settled back down from his kickup crash landing. Standing up a bit disoriented Tony worked his way through the parachute and lines and stumbled away on shaky legs out of the darkness. He squinted since it was so bright out. Falling back onto his now deflated parachute pile he rummaged around in his inner pockets and produced a small metal flask. Shaky hands dropped the flask which calmed Tony a bit a small joke or pun created.

“Huh…Scotch on the Rocks” Tony muttered to himself with a smirk and chuckle as he looked around at the plateu from his position.

How he ended up strained in the cold snowy piece of crag in Asia was an odd place to be for a day laborer from Queens New York. Tony began trying to piece together what had happened from the ship leaving the US to his current location so he could get a handle on what was going on.

The trip across the Atlantic Ocean had been mostly uneventful for Constantine, Robert, Bill, and myself. Apart from me throwing up within the first hour of being on the ship I got my sea legs pretty quickly under me. After checking into a hotel we went to the explorer’s club that Gray was a part of. The place was pretty high class and I got more than a few looks but not in a nice way. Gray seemed friendly enough and hiring us on to assist in the expedition was over pretty quick.

I was a bit suspicious of the rest of Gray’s team and we all shared a knowing look between our party since the rest had hired on recently as well. Not knowing who might kill you really puts a damper on you not dying when they spring it on you. Sing Wang a young man out of china had me wild eyed looking at the rest of the from the US, Constantine had immediately grabbed my shoulder and whisper to not ask in front of everyone and aloud if they thought the Chinese guy was part of the Chinese crime syndicate and was trying to kill us. I guess in hindsight if he wasn’t he’d be kind of offended. He had come to England to go to the university studying in some kind of field I really didn’t pay attention much. The whole thing about the Crimson Emperor still being around seemed farfetched he thought but the the shadow figure had been playing behind the scenes putting people into important and powerful positions and would probably be dangerous if the person or people like him were still around. He mentioned some stuff about rebel communists but it didn’t make to much scense to me.

Diane was a strong willed and fair minded young lady. A good shot out for revenge for her father it seemed to capture or kill a yeti. Usually this is the kind of thing girls avoid since it is something that turns the boys away from hitting on a dame, that and her being a decent shot with a rifle. She seemed pretty straight forward and was easy on the eyes to look at.

Not much to say about McCloud, a mountain of a man and Scottish he blames himself for Diane’s father getting killed since he was injured and didn’t go on the expedition. He likes to drink so he’s ok in my book.

The ride over Europe by boat and over into India took a while but nothing really major happened until we got into that god awful plane. After a while Constantine and me noticed during the flight that Gray seemed a bit nervous when we asked him about it he was pretty evasive but we chalked it up to probably just nervousness about the flight. Although it happened a few times. Until the sound of bullets had the who lot of us ducking in our seats. The barrage of bullets into the cockpit and sudden sharp dive down of the plane let us know the pilot and his copilot were dead. Constantine was the first up and started moving towards the front as did Robert and myself. Bill moved to the back of the plane. We got knocked around quite a bit; I looked out the front and suddenly yelled out if anyone knew how to fly a plan. I sure didn’t but that wasn’t stopping me from trying. I busied myself with pulling on the flight controls and buttons Constantine had pulled the pilot out of the chair before I jumped into it, and he had started doig the same with the copilot getting into his chair. With both feet planted on the sides of the instrument panel I pulled back on the controls causing the plane to finally come out of the dive. We were still losing altitude Constantine explained since the ground was coming up. I aimed the plane at a plateau that looked safe enough and found a switch labeled “autopilot” which seemed a lot easier to find not that I wasn’t totally panicked.

We strapped our gear and parachutes to ourselves and dove out. At first I was a little freaked out since the parachute wouldn’t open when I twisted the handle. From above me I heard Constantine yell to pull the cord and as I did the parachute opened. My eyes teared up as I aimed the parachute for where I wanted to be and braced for a rough landing.

Tony shoved the empty flask back into his inner jacket pocket next to several more flasks. After packing his parachute into the pack again he figured Gray would probably be hungry if he was still alive. Tony was determined to find him if he could and feed him a nice juicy knuckle sandwich.

Short session 1 xp awarded


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